Adding text on photos has never been easier...

A simple tool to add text on your images, for free. Get started now, no account required.

free online photo editor to add text on top of images

4 Simple Steps To Add A Caption To Your Photo

  1. Upload an image or try our sample image
  2. Use the textbox to edit the text on top of the image
  3. Customize colors, font size etc as much as you want
  4. Download the photo to your device

Want More Info ? See our full Tutorial


PhotoText was created in order to make it easy for people to add text on top of images.

We kept our editor as simple as it can be, no need to even download an app.

All online, and free to use for every use case.

Whether it is for your business presentation, your Instagram posts or stories, your online listings, or even if you just want to create a caption for your Facebook profile picture – we’ve got you covered.

Add custom text on your photo now.